Check Out Dizzying Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko

Image via lokokitchen/Instagram

Lauren Ko bakes with mathematical precision, creating dizzying patterns on her pies and tarts. She claims she’s an amateur baker, but her pictures prove otherwise. Ko has been baking and decorating pies for a few years now.

For an interesting effect, she combines classic crusts with all kinds of fillings – blueberry, kumquat, purple sweet potatoes, etc. Check out her work below and follow her on Instagram for more.

March to a different beet. 🥁| Because were goobers by principle, Valentine’s is an extended excuse for lighthearted, unorthodox traditions for my partner and I—exchanging joke presents (a bouquet of boxers one year, an obese plush T-Rex another) and watching @pinkpanthermgm (the really bad/amazing remakes with Steve Martin). In our golden San Diego days, we’d load up the car with @tjoysterbar tacos and Sour Patch Kids and go to the drive-in theater in our pajamas. This unusually-colored pie crust is an ode to our philosophy that an important aspect of any relationship is fun. Here’s to merriment! | Special thanks to @chefspringsheldon who, after my experiment with raspberry dough went ham (🤣), kindly sent an email walking me through the process of vibrantly coloring with beet compound butter and beet juice! Genius. 💖

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