Digital Artist Transforms Mummies Into Real People

We’re all familiar with mummies, right? But have you ever wondered how these ancient people looked in reality? Well, if we got your attention, you should check out Photoshop Surgeon on social media.

He describes himself as an artist who does radical transformations in, well, you have guessed right: Photoshop. With his gifted eyes for details, he does wonders with the computer and mouse. Thirteen years have passed since his first uploaded video and throughout his career, Photoshop Surgeon has done extreme transformations like turning old ladies into their younger selves, giving the proportions of Barbie to a woman, making cartoons characters look like real people, removing celebrities’ plastic surgery, and more.

Recently he has brought to life a male European mummy, and the whole process is breathtakingly beautiful. He posts time-lapses onto his YouTube channel, where he’s attracted over 980,000 subscribers and currently has more than 293 million views.

Check out his creations below. And if you would like your pictures retouched or transformed by the “Surgeon”, contact him on his website.