Embroiderer Creates Unique Hoops You Need To Have

Chelsea Nelson describes herself as a full-time mom, a nap-time and bedtime embroiderer, and the person behind the business called Auburn Hoops.

Auburn Hoops was created to bring embroidery to the 21st century. The main focus is on the flexible interlocking hoop that keeps the fabric taut, as well as on the beautiful frame made of solid oak, which can be painted or decorated as desired.

Despite having an artistic background, she wasn’t originally interested in art. Instead, she graduated with a degree in biology and Christian studies. However, after being pregnant with her first child, something inspired her to get into embroidery.

“Currently my style would fit into the modern embroidery category, which is really fun and super teachable,” she said in an interview for Embellished Talk. “I would love to explore outside of that and get into the technical styles and the rich history of embroidery.”

Nelson currently has more than 20,000 Instagram followers and almost 800 posts. To see some of her hoops and creations, check out the gallery below. You can also explore her website, where you can find helpful tutorials and beautiful photographs.