Embroidery Artist is Crafting Colorful Hawaiian Shirt Hoops

It can be pretty difficult to stand out in the sea of embroidery artists on Instagram, but Jen Smith managed to find a way. She became a true sensation thanks to her fun and colorful Hawaiian shirt hoops.

Smith will win you over with her vibrant, floral designs, but that’s not the only thing that makes her signature hoops instantly recognizable. They also come with a set of real buttons, making them reminiscent of vivid Hawaiian shirts that no summer can go without.

Smith grew up in a creative household and she fell in love with sewing at a young age. She also learned how to cross stitch and knit before falling in love with embroidery, but she’s also very passionate about fashion design and photography.

Hawaiian shirt hoops are Smith’s biggest best-seller, but they’re not her only source of inspiration. Her Instagram page is filled with many other equally impressive pieces, with vibrant and lively motifs from nature.