Emily Hett Will Put a Smile on Your Face With Her Quirky Ceramics

Emily Hett managed to make her mark in the world of ceramic art, and she definitely didn’t do it by staying inside the box. She made a name for herself with her whimsical and colorful pieces, and her quirky designs are meant to spread positivity and joy.

Hett is a ceramic artist from the UK, who studied fine art at Loughborough University. She got to explore many different mediums during her time there, including painting and public sculpture but felt like she discovered her true calling once she started experimenting with ceramics.

After graduating, she completed a residency at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, and that was where her love for ceramics was born. She couldn’t stop thinking about setting up her own home studio, and she eventually fulfilled her dream and started honing her unique personal style.

Hett’s ceramics will win you over with their interesting shapes and vibrant splash of colors. Whether she’s making mugs and bowls or vases and candle holders, they’re always as colorful as it gets, and there’s a reason why they look that way.

Hett’s main goal is to create playful and vibrant artworks inspired by nature that spark a moment of joy. She hopes her uplifting creations will put a smile on your face and bring an air of positivity to every room they end up in.