Fall In Love with Shantell Martin’s Black & White Doodles

British-born, New York-based artist, Shantell Martin, has elevated doodling to a full-blown art form. Her signature style was developed early on, when she was just a little girl, doodling characters underneath her bed and inside the curtains in her bedroom.

She’s now sought after brands such as Nike, Vitra, Max Mara, Tiffany & Co., and Puma, collaborating with legendary artists such as Kendrick Lamar and designer Kelly Wearstler.

“Exploring themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play, Martin is a cultural facilitator, forging new connections between fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology,” reads her website.

“Intention is a very powerful aspect of existence,” said the artist in an interview with Create & Cultivate. “I have a purpose which is very much tied to exploring the essence of humanity and the world… it comes from a place of pure curiosity and empathy and I feel that intention to connect with the deepest part of myself and YOU is a universal feeling.”

Check out some of her artwork in the gallery below.