Father of 4 is Showing the Reality of Parenthood On Instagram

Most people use Instagram to show the beautiful and “glamorous” side of their lives, often faking their reality in the process.

Simon Hooper, better known as Father of Daughters, has a different approach – he created an Instagram page that shows the struggles of everyday life. Hooper has nearly one million followers, who can see what’s it like being a father of four daughters these days.

“It’s not all walks on the beach, going on holiday and music recitals – I wanted to talk about the mundane parts of life, because actually that’s where I think the funny bits lie”, Hooper says.

This 34-year-old dad works as a management consultant and just like most men, he’s trying hard to balance his career with family life.

“Men mainly seem to use Instagram to post pictures of nice cars or holidays; they don’t really engage in the family discussion online and I thought maybe I could.”

Scroll down and take a look at Hooper’s funny Instagram page.

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Conventional wisdom tells us that the passage of time through space happens at a constant rate forwards, but when you have children, that changes. I can only conclude that there's a rip in the space time continuum right above the girls bedroom as time just vanished this evening, leaving me feeling like I'd be screwed hard by a flux capacitor with anger management issues. One moment it's 6.30pm & I'm rounding them up for a bath, then I blinked & it was 8.15pm the world had fallen apart. Bath time – a tsunami nightmare that would have drowned the entire cast of 'honey I shrunk the kids'. Teeth – a stand off that ended in toothpaste in the eyes. Story time – A jackanory balls up that left me questioning my life choices. Bed time – a yoga session for hyperactive chipmunks that ended with Ottie hiding for 15 minutes in silence & me shouting down the street in the dark because I thought she'd gone (only to be found eating a chocolate egg under Anya's desk covered in a blanket). Of course, as I'd focused all my energy on these 2, the elder ones hadnt even had dinner! It may have only been a total of 1hr 45 minutes but I've aged several years on the process. I'm stongly considering calling Doc Brown to take be back to 2015 so I can get a vasectomy. #doctakemebacktogetavasectomy #ihatetuesday #screwedbyyimetravel #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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