Fleur Woods’ Embroidery Bursts With Greenery

    Who doesn’t love a piece of embroidery? We sure do. And Fleur Woods stitched paintings, full of flora and nature, are all we need to kick off our day.

    The New Zealand based artist uses fabric, gouache, and embroidery, to create intricate pieces the evoke a feeling of nostalgia. Working from the heart of rural Upper Moutere, her process evolved through trial and error.

    Through her crafty work, Woods claims she feels connected to generations of women before her. “I feel like it’s an amazing, almost a feminist act,” she told Stuff Magazine. “Because making beautiful stitching, making something beautiful was not necessary.”

    “People started stitching to mend and to create clothing, but to add the beauty was a way of women saying; ‘We have skills and we can do something special. We can make beauty in otherwise very simple lives.”

    Check out some of her work below.