Flower Power: These Cookies Will Upgrade Your Tea Party

Why admire flowers when you can eat them? Loria Stern’s flower pressed shortbread cookies serve as edible decorations, upgrading your tea party game.

The Californian chef and baker relies on local and seasonal ingredients. Indeed, many of the herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables that she uses in her dishes come from her home garden. Each of her cookies is made by hand, thoughtfully designed and packaged.

“All cookies are made by hand with utmost care,” writes Stern on her website. “Cookies are pressed with flowers and herbs seasonally available. Every cookie is different and pressed with individual botanicals.”

“We take immense pride in our high quality ingredients and care,” adds Stern. “All ingredients are organic and of the highest quality.” She also teaches cooking classes which aim to help others recreate the magic in the comfort of their homes.

Scroll down to see some of her appetizing creations.