Fun Science Experiments You Can Try for Yourself

The video below shows a couple of fun science experiments you can try out at home with everyday materials. In one experiment, a cup made of styrofoam disappears in a small bowl when it is pressed down. This is because the liquid poured into this bowl contains a chemical compound called Acetone. Acetone releases air from styrofoam, thereby dissolving the cup.

In another video, a mixture of soda, salt, and sugar was lit with fire and produced what appears like a black solid. In yet another experiment a waterballoon remains intact despite being held up on a flame. The reason is that water absorbs heat, and so the heat that could have destroyed the balloon was absorbed by the water while the balloon remained intact.

There are a few other experiments in this video, but if you try them make sure you carry them out in a safe environment and don’t take any risks.