Group of Artists Carve Book Pages to Create Impressive Artworks

Most books end up collecting dust on a bookshelf or, even worse, in some dark storage once they have been read. But, a group of artists from France are looking to save these kinds of books and give them a new life and purpose.

Known collectively as Book Master, these artists are carving and folding pages of a book in an impressive way to transform them into works of art. They incorporate all sorts of intriguing and eye-catching designs ranging from pop-culture subjects, including anime and Disney characters, to recreations of sports club logos and commissioned work.

According to the group, they mainly use recycled books and aim to promote eco-responsible art.

 “Our love for craftsmanship is reflected in each work, transforming books into unique works of art. Every fold is meticulously executed, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. We seek to push the boundaries of creativity by folding each page with precision, creating designs that amaze,” Book Master adds.

Artists behind Book Master frequently share their newest creations on social media. They also provide their followers insights into their creative process, and watching it makes you appreciate things they do even more. You can check out more of their past creations below.