Guy Speed Dates 10 Women without Seeing Them, Here’s What Happened

YouTube channel Jubilee often reaches the trending page on YouTube thanks to their interesting social experiments. This was also the case with their latest video in which they decided to put an intriguing spin on speed dating.

They brought in a single guy named Jonathan to their studio and told him that he will go on a speed date with 10 potential matches in order to find a most compatible person for himself. But, there was a little catch in this; he had to speed date the girls without seeing them. Jonathan sat on a chair behind the curtain, while the girls were on the other side, and they were only allowed to talk like that.

Jonathan tried to learn as much as possible about the girls by asking four rounds of questions; trying to figure out with which one of them he had the best chemistry. After each round, he also had to eliminate a certain number of girls until he finally managed to narrow his choice to one girl with whom he would like to go on a second date.

Check out Jubilee’s video below and see how it looks like when you speed date people without seeing them.