Hessa Al Ajmani Paints Beautiful Botanical Motifs on Ceramic

Hessa Al Ajmani is a talented artist from the United Arab Emirates who creates delicate botanical motifs on ceramic dishes. She makes the cups, mugs, and plates on her own, and then she decorates them with the replicas of plants she finds in the nearby dessert and her mom’s garden.

My work naturally takes a whole season to prepare and/or relies on the occasional winter rainfall,” Colossal quotes her. “I allow it to grow organically and see it as a collaboration with nature. After all, clay itself is a material of the earth.”

All of her pieces are not only beautiful, but also functional. Al Ajmani also teaches workshops at Clay Corner Studio, her own studio that she founded in 2019 in her native city of Ajman. She has enjoyed playing with many different types of clay since she was little, so today she knows what to use depending on the effect she wants to achieve. She started to do professional work when she was in university and over time turned it into her full-time job.

See more of the pieces she creates and her creative process on Instagram and check out the works that are available for purchase on her online shop.