Hola Lou’s Art Consists of Shapes and Colors

Painter, illustrator, and muralist, Luisa Salas (aka Hola Lou) balances between minimalist shapes and bold colors. “I’ve always had a thing for minimalism and simplicity,” she admitted in an interview with Inky Goodness, “but then I guess my Latin-American warm side always kicks in and adds a huge amount of color…without even asking.”

Based in Mexico, Salas doesn’t need to work too hard to find inspiration. She simply opens her window. “Over the last few years I’ve learned a lot about my local culture and environment, and so have found myself increasingly influenced by it,” she says. “Subsequently, incorporating natural shapes and forms have become second nature.”

A former graphic designer and art director, her creations rely on the basic concepts of visual aesthetics: composition, color contrast, and balance. The result is an art form that’s as much striking as it is inviting. What more could you ask of your paintings?