Illustrator Combines Her Love For Storytelling With Drawing

Kamping Chicken is the pseudonym for a 20-something-year-old American comic artist called Ren who describes herself as a person with a terrible sense of direction, a slight obsession with pineapples, and a love for binging shows on Netflix. She says that when she is not utilizing those skills, she spends her time drawing.

“Drawing has always been my creative outlet, and paired with a love for storytelling, comics quickly became an ideal way to express myself,” the artist shared on Bored Panda and added that her Instagram journey began back in 2017 when she first showed her drawings to a friend while they were camping.

“I surprised by how much he enjoyed them, I began sharing with friends and family, and then took to the internet. Whenever I can get people to smile, laugh, or relate with my work, my heart is warm. I make art for love, kindness, and the weird things in life,” she said.

If you enjoy silly comics, Kamping Chicken is the right place for you! Scroll down and take a look at her gallery below and follow her on social media for future updates.