Illustrator Creates Fantasy Scenes Out of Ordinery Objects

Blended art is fun to watch. This is because it shows how art can be created with objects around the house. This illustrator creates beautiful scenes with objects such as fruits, pins and other household items.

Jesuso Ortiz is an illustrator who lives in Malaga, Spain. While staring at everyday objects, he comes up with a lot of creative possibilities as you can see from his work.

Ortiz loves to create fantasy scenes from such objects. It is his way of telling a story with one single image. Also, real flowers, fruits and other objects produce a 3D effect in his illustrations. And this makes them even more attractive. It is simple, but it conveys a feeling to the audience.

He believes that each person creates his own reality. There are so many possibilities than the eyes allow them to see. He uses it as an opportunity to invite his audience to regain their inner child curiosity while awakening their minds.