Illustrator Draws Out-of-This-World Female Heroines

Jessica Singh’s fantastical illustrations focus around out-of-this-world female heroines, exploring themes of feminine power and empowerment. Imagining a colorful, multi-cultural universe, her art relies very much on her mixed background.

With a mixed Indian and American background, Singh has lived in Berlin, London, and Melbourne, and currently works from a studio in Perth. But her illustrations also reflect her deep fascination with Japanese culture, as well as a more general love of crafts, textiles, mythologies, music, and mysticism.

“I have a problem where I want to do it all and feel like I have not enough time to do it,” she admitted in an interview with The Finders Keepers. “I think mainly my end goal is to move from illustration towards Creative Direction. I’m very much interested in the larger picture, large ideas and small details, it’s just at the moment illustration is a quick, accessible way to get things out of my brain.”

It’s this playful approach to art that has caught the attention of brands as huge as Facebook, Nike, Penguin, Harper Collins, and Samsung. But you can also take note from her more personal projects, shared through social media: