Impressive Hyper-Realistic Drawings of Nostalgic Everyday Items

Bella McGoldrick is a New York-based artist who is recently impressing social media users with her incredible drawings skills. McGoldrick, who is a former fashion student, creates impressive hyper-realistic drawings of everyday items that leave people in awe.

This talented artist uses just colored pencils and markers to make her drawings which are often large-scaled. Her works usually focus on things she finds during her travels including nostalgic items like scratch tickets, crushed soda cans, and slot cups.

“I work on subjects that reflect a feeling of nostalgia and brashness, using the cracks, folds, and rips to bring excitement into the drawing… The largest pieces taking 70+ hours to complete, I enjoy the tiny details I have to pencil in that our naked eye almost always misses — similarly as these objects are forgotten, I say — hang them on your walls!” – says McGoldrick.

Check out some of her works below.