Indonesian Illustrator Reimagines Cats as Superheroes

Image via fajarekas/Instagram

Beware cat-lovers, because the next article is here to melt your heart!

Fajareka Setiawan is an illustrator and concept artist based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia who combined his two passions: love for cats and Marvel and DC characters, creating a hilarious series called Catvengers.

Also known as fajarekas on Instagram, in his newest project, the talented artist transforms kittens into our favorite superheroes and villains. From Ant-Cat and Catpool to Venom Cat and AquaCat we just can’t decide which “Catvenger” is our favorite, and nor can his audience; Setiawan gets rewarded for his marvelous work with thousands and thousands likes and hundreds of comments on each supurrheroes post.

Check out the purrfect mashups below, and join Fajareka Setiawan’s army of almost 35k followers.