Italian Artist Draws Attention to the Female Gaze

There are two things Marialaura Fedi hopes to achieve through her art: the first is for other people to find something new in it that will hopefully spark joy in their heart; the second is for her to be satisfied with it. “My art and art, in general, is like the base on what my entire existence is funded, something like eating or drinking,” admitted Fedi in an interview with Ballpitmag.

“My story is pretty simple,” she said, “I’m the first daughter of 3 and I started painting because there were too many people in my home.” But what might have started as a way of coping with a full house blossomed into much more.

Based in Rome, Italy, where she studied at the Fine Art Academy, her work is painted mainly with gouache colors, but she also works digitally, using an iPad Pro pencil. Inspired by both nature and the female body, she admits that her art is a way for her to see the world and reflect on it.

Her illustrations and paintings focus mainly on women. Those are drawn in soft pastel colors, but with one distinct feature missing: their faces. Still, her faceless portraits seem to stare right through you, speaking to a deeper truth about self-identity and the power of the female gaze.

Take a closer look: