Japanese Artist Creates Papercrafts from Empty Cans

Image via Twitter

Last month, super talented paper craft enthusiast and Japanese University student, went viral. He created dapper figures with empty Pringles cans using the Pringles mascot, Julius Pringles. His Twitter account is @02ESyRaez4VhR2l (Haruki).

The artist continues to outdo himself and has created a group of 5 Pringles gentlemen using different flavors of Pringles. He used original, onion, sour cream, bbq, salt and vinegar and honey mustard. All these cans are colorful and make the figures appear like a Japanese sentai superhero group or a potato chip themed band.

Each figure takes about six hours to make and is well detailed and expertly crafted. The artist, Haruki, also makes use of other can parts. The plastic lids are used as a figure stand while the inner paper lid is converted into a vest for the group members.

He has worked on several other creations since his Pringles craft went viral and he shares them on his Twitter account.