Julia Loopstra’s Hilarious Comics About Living With a Vampire Boyfriend

Julia Loopstra is the girl behind the artistic nickname Mouse on Jupiter, whose illustrations and webcomics have captured the hearts of a wide audience. She draws in a very simple and pleasant style, and the webcomics showcase funny situations between a girl named Peg and her boyfriend Neculai, who is a vampire. Another well-known series she has made is about a giant mermaid and the silly situations she gets herself in. 

Loopstra says that she draws her inspiration from classic children’s books illustrations, and she enjoys mixing playful watercolors with her sarcastic and dark sense of humor. Art wasn’t her first choice in life. When she was in high school, she never considered becoming a professional artist, though she spent a lot of time drawing and doodling, but eventually chose to go to an art school thanks to encouragement from her professors. 

One of her most important messages is encouraging younger artists to be themselves when they approach new tasks and problems. She says that every time she forces herself to make something popular, it fails. She created the Vampire Boyfriend series to make her friends laugh, never thinking that it will spontaneously gain large popularity on the Internet. 

Enjoy Loopstra’s witty comics!