Juliana Hyrri Doodles the Innocent and Evil

Finland-based artist, Juliana Hyrri, shares her quirky doodles and illustrations on Instagram. Mostly drawn in black and white, her illustrations have a cartoon-like feel to them that is full of character and wit.

“I consider myself as a restless soul and I believe it’s visible in my art: I want to do pretty much everything,” she told Ape on the Moon.“I work in the fields of comics, illustration, painting, drawing, installation, animation, you name it.”

These days, Hyrri studies MA Visual Narrative at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture; in addition to having completed minors in illustration and sequential art.

“I like cool pillows, soft fabric, and someone else taking the trash out,” she writes on her website. “I’m interested in storytelling, innocent evil and moments when time seems to stand still.”

Check out her Instagram page below.