Kid Calls 911 Because He Has Too Much Homework

911 dispatcher Antonia Bundy from Indiana recently received a call that she will probably remember for the rest of her career. During her shift at Lafayette’s 911 center, Bundy answered a distress call from one young boy who had an unusual emergency; math homework.

Boy told Bundy that he had “a bad day” at school due to “tons of homework” from math. Instead of hanging up, however, the dispatcher decided to help the kid with his troubles and assists him with math homework.     

“He didn’t sound like he was in good spirits,” said Bundy. “That in itself, that’s what we’re trained to do. We’re trained to help people in their worst time.”

Bundy didn’t manage to find out the boy’s identity,  but she told ABC News that this was the first time she receives this kind of call.

“Him just needing help with that math problem was his emergency at that time,” – she added. “I always loved math in school so the fact that he called in, and I was able to assist him in a problem that I had myself when I was in fifth grade, just took me back down memory lane.”

You can check out more details about this adorable story as well as hear the actual conversation in the video below.