Laura Blythman’s Art is Pink and Popping

We’d like to invite you to a place that’s bright, positive, and messy. There’s also a lot of pink. We’re talking of course of Laura Blythman’s delightful Instagram page – a place of wonder and creativity. A designer and illustrator, Blythman is said to be driven by a strong passion for color. Her work is a playful collection of dreamt and imagined landscapes, flora, fauna, and magical places.

As such, her aesthetic has garnered her a legion of fans and a super happy portfolio of work with clients ranging from start-up businesses to high profile Australian and International brands. She’s also created quite a buzz online, with more than 65k followers on Instagram to date.

Her creative process involves some collage techniques – mainly cutting, layering and pasting. “When I was young I always loved to cut, paste and layer paper and as a teen I would spend days drawing detailed illustrations of my teen idols,” Blythman’s shared in an interview with Kids Gifts and Toys. “So I guess in some form or another I’ve always been doing exactly what I still do now. Drawing, cutting + pasting, creating, making things.”

“I’m drawn to color because it just makes me so happy, it never fails to lift my mood,” she explained. “When I’m creating new work I decide on a color palette first. Always. At present, I can’t get away from neon pink and peach.”

Step right in!