Looking to Relieve Your Stress? LA’s Rage Ground is the Perfect Place

Image via INSIDER/YouTube

We all had those days when we get filled with anger and frustration over something, and would love to get it all out but don’t know how. Well, people at Los Angeles’ Rage Ground devised a perfect way to do so and get free from any stress; destruction therapy.

The idea is that you basically enter a room with bats and hammers, and then you break everything around you and blow off steam.

Peter Wolf, co-owner of Rage Ground, said that he got the idea to open the place when he saw a similar thing in a TV show. He wanted to visit this “anger room” but found out that there isn’t one in Los Angeles. So Wolf teamed up with friend Edwin Toribio, and Rage Ground was born.

“Some people come in because they’re pissed off about L.A. traffic,” says Wolf. “We’ve had people come in after a divorce settlement or breakup. It’s kind of just all the factors of life that people get pissed off about.”

There are several packages that Rage Ground offers, starting from $19.99 package which gives you five minutes of smashing eight items. You can opt to get the “Date Night” package as well, which will get you 25 minutes in the room and a large number of things to smash with your friend or partner.

If you want to check out what is so appealing at the Rage Ground, check out INSIDER’s tour of the place in the video below.