Make Your Next Vacation Count with Bridges and Balloons

With travel being increasingly difficult these days and our movement heavily restricted, planning our vacations and even casual hangouts has become a more meaningful experience. The internet has changed the way we experience travel, the way we connect with each other, and the way we seek comfort.

Recently, we’ve taken to Instagram influencers and wife-and-husband traveling duo, Victoria and Steve from Bridges and Balloons. Their online platform offers curated lifestyle and travel content that is well suited for pickier travelers like ourselves, who seek beauty and uniquness.

Favoring a local style of travel, the brand isn’t dedicated to the “must-sees”, but rather offers a way of travel that aims at soaking up the atmosphere and experiencing local life. “We favor independents over chains,” explain the couple on their website, “and while we’re vegetarian, we tend to eat in restaurants that are known to be good for all food rather than just veggie stuff”.

Offering handpicked, unique itineraries, they seek places that have a story behind them, and prioritize the experience over the price, featuring both budget and luxury styles of travel. And traveling with two young children, they also offer some tips and tricks to road tripping with babies.

They’re just the kind of well rounded source of inspiration we need when planning our next close-to-home vacation.