Marvelous Images Made by Rotring and a Little Bit Of Gold

Swindler & Swindler is a creation of two French illustrators from Grenoble, France. The artistic duo opened their illustration studio back in 2015 with the intention to focus on type and ornamentation.

The project called Flower of Life is a beautiful handmade illustration of a living creature blooming made by Margot Reverdy. In her work, she used gold foil to make the illustration stand out even more.

“It mixes rigor and precision by type work and smoothness by ornamental work,” the artist shared on her personal website. “Separate and complementary these two graphic worlds meet at last and produce these thorough compositions.”

You can find Flower of Life and other artwork on Reverdy’s Instagram account where she shares some of her marvelous creations.

Scroll down and take a look at the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images. Which artwork is your favorite?