Meet an Adorable Quokka and Take a Quokkaselfie

The southwestern Australian Quokka is so adorable and friendly. The marsupial native always has an incredible smile on its little face, and it will surely melt your heart.

Instagram user Campbell Jones started a trend of taking selfies with Quokkas. He was cycling at Rottnest Island, and he found a cheery quokka who wanted to give him a warm hug. His Quokkaselfie went viral and has led more people to post selfies with these photogenic creatures. All selfies are tagged #quokkaselfie.

The nocturnal mammals are also known as the happiest mammals on the earth. They can be found everywhere on Rottnest Island. These adorable creatures munch on greens, hang out in a mob, store fat in their tails and dig tunnels used to hide their food and nap. They have some similar features with the kangaroo such as a pouch to place their young ones.

Quokkas are also known for being fearless and inquisitive, and this is why they aren’t phased by human presence. See some of their selfies below.