Misato Sano Creates Adorable Dog Sculptures Out of Wood

We can all agree that any artwork featuring dogs is probably amazing. But this isn’t the only thing that makes the works of Misato Sano impressive.

This Japanese sculptor creates adorable dog sculptures from wood, accurately replicating various dog breeds, including fluffy poodles, and plush pugs. Sano’s works also include the traits these dogs are famous for, like panting tongues and expressions of playfulness, joy, or curiosity.

Sano is inspired by man’s best friend even when she engaging in other art disciplines besides sculpting. During winter, she turns to embroidery and continues to feature dogs as the main subjects of her artworks.

“I have used dogs in my work to express the various facets of femininity (some of them are based on female statues I personally admire).” – Sano explains on her website. “Dogs are always loyal to their masters. I make my work with the hope touchstart they will also nuzzle up to their audience.”

In a recent interview, Sano added that the dog sculptures and other art she makes are actually self-portraits to some extent. She told Colossal that her works are about “myself looking at myself” and that the form of dogs is an effective method to “materialize what I think of my inner self.”

Sano’s dog sculptures are no stranger to going on tours and being featured in exhibitions all over the world. If you can’t wait for them to get to your city, check out more photos below.