Instagram User Recreates Drawings From “Friends” With a Magna Doodle

Friends is one of the most iconic shows that ever graced the television. Great comedy, silly characters, and intricate storylines, this legendary sitcom had it all. It even used easter eggs before it was cool.

If you watched Friends, you probably noticed a Magna Doodle hanging on the doors of Joey and Chandler’s apartment. First appearing in season three, this children’s toy was used by writers to insert some quirky bits and smart jokes for the audience that paid extra attention to the details.

For those of you who were not so attentive or didn’t watch the show (God forbid!), there is still a way to catch the Friends‘ Magna Doodle easter eggs.

Italian artist and huge Friends fan Giulia decided to take it upon herself to gather the Magna Doodle jokes in one place. She first watched the entire show to find all the drawings and messages and then recreated them on her Instagram page.

Giulia’s drawings are followed by the name of the episode, so you can spot it easier when you watch the series. Also, there is a capture of the Magna Doodle from the episode for comparison. Check out some of our favorites below.