Mom Turns Healthy Food Into Her Son’s Favorite Cartoons

Most parents know how hard it is to get children to eat their vegetables. One mom, however, found the perfect way to convince her three-year-old son to eat healthy meals. Not only that, she actually made a career out of it.

Laleh Mohmedi is a creative mom from Melbourne who used healthy food to create her son’s favorite cartoon characters, in order to convince him to try new things. Her first creation was a lion made from a pancake – her son loved it so much that happy mom continued this tradition.

“Every few days he would ask if I could make him a character from a movie, book or toy that he had seen. Jacob and I would get creative in the kitchen and discuss the ingredients that we were using and the benefits. For example, when he was 3, we would talk about how Kale was a superfood. He would ask why, and I would say ‘because superheroes love eating it’ – that was a winner for him!”

Mohmedi started sharing her works of art on Instagram and had such a positive response that she soon gained media attention from all over the world. A hobby that she started with her son turned into a full-time business and in the last two years Mohmedi worked with companies like Disney, Nickelodeon and Universal Pictures.

Take a look at her amazing creations!