Nana Re-imagines Succulents as Adorable Bears

Nana also known as Nakanoart on social media is an artist who “draws cuties, creepies and sillies.” However, when she is bored she likes to scroll through Twitter. Not that long ago, she came across an image of adorable succulents that looked like a bear’s paw, and she immediately knew she had to illustrate it. Soon her art piece became viral on Twitter.

“Everyone loved it! I was surprised that it quickly became my most popular post,” the artist shared in an interview for Bored Panda. “[It is] more popular than some actual memes I’ve drawn, like the one of the lady yelling at the cat but reversed into a cat yelling at the lady.”

Nana discovered her passion for art early on; when she was only four years old. Alongside illustrating succulents, she draws animals, humans in manga style, monsters, and other creatures.

Scroll down and check out her Bear Paws, in the gallery below. We also share some of her other artworks, as well.