New York Public Library Introduces “Insta Novels”

Photo by Oscar Ovalle on Unsplash

In an attempt to reach a young generation of people who spend much more time on their phones than reading, the New York Public Library has decided to introduce classic books in a new format. They will be releasing them on Instagram, in the Insta Story section, and the books will be saved in the NYPL’s highlights folders.

The main appeal of Insta Novels is that they are easy to read. Insta stories support 15-second long slides but if that’s not enough for you to read a page, you can hold a finger on the screen until you’re finished. There’s even a convenient button in the bottom right corner that you can press without covering parts of the text.

The NYPL plans to publish several classic stories in this format, and the first one, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is already available.