Nicole Fung’s Instagram is a Feast for the Eyes

Most foodies agree: food isn’t just about eating. It’s about the overall experience, about acquiring new tastes and meeting new people along the way. Nicole Fung knows best. The co-founder of food, travel, and lifestyle platform That Food Cray !!! (alongside her husband Eugene Kan), treats food as a source of inspiration and a place where passion and culture collide.

Based in Hong Kong, the Chinese Canadian blogger hopes to inspire others to try different things and eat out of the box. “That Food Cray !!! started as a passion project,” she shared with Suitcase Magazine. “When I first started writing, I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to read it. I had just moved to Hong Kong from Canada and wanted to document my travels as well as everything I ate along the way.”

Now back in Hong Kong, her multicultural makes Fung the ideal guide for both local and international foodies. “Hong Kong is a very transient place and is extremely multi-cultural,” she reflects. “There are people from all over the world, which makes the food selection very diverse. You can find everything from classic French to halal Chinese food.”

“My family is from Hong Kong, so I’ve always felt a connection to the city,” she admits. Her perfectly curated Instagram page is worth alone your likes and follows.

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