No Wall is Too Big For Aryz to Paint On

Some call it graffiti, others call it street art or interventions in outdoor spaces. Whatever the title, the result is breathtaking. Spanish artist Aryz travels around the world and paints street murals that are a delight to behold.

Aryz usually adorns his walls with characters, portraying them in powerful poses of conflict or contemplation. However, he does sometimes make the odd exception of painting inanimate objects. Regardless of their content, his paintings are instantly recognizable due to his distinct use of pale colors and heavy emphasis on blue-yellow contrast.

“I started painting with graffiti people from my town,” Aryz told Polish magazine Puszka. “they were making letters, and I was making characters between letters. After a while, I had a stupid injury in my finger for pressing in a wrong way the spray cans. So I started to use more brush instead of spray.”

Remarkably, Aryz’s old crowd didn’t like the switch and kicked him out of their posse: “The same time the guys I was painting with said that my works were not cool anymore because I was not using spray cans, so we finished our cooperation. After that, I started painting for myself, trying to do more characters and big paintings.”

It seems that things turned out for the best for both Aryz and the walls he is gracing with his art. He’s been to many cities around the world, including Katowice, Tokyo, and Nevada. Wouldn’t it be cool to wake up one morning and find him working on a building across the street from you?