Now is the Time to Try Vegan Food—You Might Just Like It

With most of us restricted to our homes, many Americans have taken to home-cooking. But cooking isn’t only a chore, it’s a way of exploring different cultures and cuisines. Instagram foodie, Melina Kutelas, wants to introduce you to vegan food that’s both appetizing and healthy (not to say— ethical!).

“In late 2015, I created About That Food because I wanted to offer a platform to help people who wanted to go on this wonderful journey of becoming vegan,” she explained in an interview with le buzz. “A journey that can sometimes be very confusing and frustrating but essentially is a very exciting and beautiful thing.”

Based in Vienna, Austria, Kutelas focuses on natural and seasonal ingredients. “To me, the most important ingredients are fresh vegetables, whatever is in season right now,” she says. Recent posts include Christmas cookies, tomato salad, and miso soup.

About That Food is meant to be a place to motivate yourself,” says Kutelas, “get inspired, and informed. Veganism isn’t that hard—if I can do it, so can you.” Instead of running to the hills, why not try a vegan recipe first.

A recent favorite is Kutelas’ Cold Brew Sparkling Orange Ice Cream Cake. “Summer in Austria is at its peak, with sweltering heat and therefore everyone prefers their drinks with lots of ice and their meals either cold or frozen,” she explains. “So in collaboration with J. Hornig I came up with a delicious and refreshing recipe, an Cold Brew Sparkling Orange Ice Cream Cake! It contains J. Hornig‘s brand new Cold Brew Sparkling Orange and a delicious cashew and coconut cream on top of a layer made of oats, hazelnuts and dates. You don’t bake the cake, you just freeze it, so it’s pretty easy to make!”