Oh! To Live in a Marc Martin Illustration

Marc Martin’s illustrations are bright, colorful, and uplifting. Full of pattern and movement, his artwork explores the many ways colors and shapes playfully interact with each other, providing a dense setting that draws the viewer inside.

“I have lots of influences,” admitted the Australian artist in an interview with the Milligram blog. “I think my design background gave me an appreciation for people like Ray and Charles Eames, Charley Harper, Bruno Munari and other designers from the ’60s, but these days I’ve branched out a lot with my influences. I really enjoy the paintings of David Hockney, Peter Doig, Fred Williams, and Adrian Genie, as well as folk artists and other illustrators.”

But his creations are also a product of a constant exploration of the world around him. “Most people live in urban areas where there’s no connection to the local environment, so it’s important to get out and about and remind ourselves that we’re part of the natural world,” he says.

Indeed, his art serves as a careful reminder of the important role nature has in our everyday life. And people seem to take note, with almost 200k followers on Instagram and features in GQ, The Financial Review, and Wired, amongst other publications.

Take a look for yourself: