Penelope the Goose: Instagram’s Most Stylish Greyhound

Italian greyhounds are a truly majestic breed of dogs, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that many of them found Instagram fame. One of them happens to be Penelope the Goose, an adorable greyhound with truly exquisite style.

Penelope’s Instagram page penelope_goose has collected almost 70,000 followers so far, and the number of her fans is constantly growing. In addition to being a true fashionista, she’s also been described as “a master part-time food thief and a full-time goose” by her owner.

The majority of Penelope’s photos feature cute accessories or full outfits, but she seems to have a favorite. She can be seen wearing bow ties in different shapes and colors in many of her photos, looking equally adorable every time.

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Some of you have noticed I’ve been a bit down the past few days. I’m ready to share the tale of why. It all began on Christmas when my so called “family” didn’t include me in their Chinese Takeout dinner! I was only given one measly Lo Mein noodle! One singular noodle while the rest of my family feasted on Christmas!! 🍜 Fast forward a few days later, my mommy was making something in the kitchen and That’s when fortune chose to slip into my life! My mommy forgot to close the fridge door! Was this a test?! Is someone punking me? How could fate smile so lovingly upon me? And Then I saw it! There, bathed in the incandescent warm glow of the fridge lights, was a full box of left over Lo Mein noodles! The very noodles that I was so stingily denied Christmas night. 🍜 I knew I had to act fast before this rare opportunity of circumstance fell away forever. The Chinese take out box was on the second shelf. I jumped up and leaned my front paws onto the lower shelf, But I still couldn’t quite reach! That’s when I called on the strength of my noodle neck to take me the rest of the way! With the full length of my Goosey neck stretched out I was able to get my teeth around the silver wire handle of the Chinese food box and pull it down!🍜 The noodles didn’t spill out of the box like I expected when they hit the ground. The box was still intact! But the even more dire issue was that the loud clunk of the noodle box smacking the floor had gained the attention of The Mommy! 🍜 I wrapped my jaws around the wire handle picking up the box and I scampered off! I wish I could say I ran fast and far enough to buy myself sometime to rip open the box and enjoy the scrumptious noodles, but alas, I am only a wee 9.5 lbs and the box was very heavy with noodles so It wasn’t long before my mommy caught up to me and took my beloved cuisine🍜 Now I feel a sense of emptiness where the noodles once were. My heart is plagued with regrets and longing for what could have, should have, would have been. Everyone always says it’s best to live in the moment but I seem to find myself living in the past. Because there,if just for a few short moments, The noodles were all mine! 🍜

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She’s also a huge fan of colorful beaded necklaces, and regular dog collars, but it’s not unusual to see her in something more extravagant, especially when Halloween comes around. Check out some more of Penelope’s adorable photos, and we promise you’ll have a great time.