Mary Decorates Old Cassette Tapes With Colorful Illustrations

Cassette tapes have been a thing of the past for many years now, but one artist on Instagram is breathing new life into them. Mary of Art Sun Flower is transforming this retro item into colorful works of art and reminding us why we loved them so much in the first place.

Mary specializes in the 90’s inspired art that pays homage to some of the beloved retro objects that are now long gone. Cassette tapes perfectly fit into this description, since most of us haven’t been using them for over two decades.

Mary shared the painting process in one of her videos, and it seems like something you can easily pull off with a bit of paint and a thin brush. Her tapes are usually decorated with flowers and skyline since these seem to be her favorite motifs.

Cassette tapes are not the only retro item Mary uses as her creative outlet. Her Instagram features photos of art on all sorts of objects that most people no longer use, including vinyl’s, old CDs, and even outdated flip phones.

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