Phone Wallpapers by Lucy Litman Remind You to Be Nice to Yourself

Let’s be honest for a second – how many times per day do you check your phone?‌ If you’re an average user, it’s likely that number is around 100. Have you ever considered changing your phone wallpaper to something helpful and motivational?

We have the perfect thing for you!‌ On Lucy Litman’s Instagram feed and stories, you can find plenty of messages that you can store on your phone and use as wallpapers. They will always remind you to stay on track and help you stay motivated.

This amazing girl has over 114,000 followers and we believe they are there for a reason. Follow her if you want to see her new posts in real-time and she will thank you with a selection of new quotes week after week.

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A little doodle I made on the drive back from LA.

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