Photographer Captures Mother Duck and Her Amazing Family of 76 Ducklings

Image via brentcizekphoto/Instagram

Brent Cizek, a Minnesota-based wildlife photographer, was minding his own business one day on Minnesota Lake when he noticed an extraordinary sight. There was a mother duck near him, leading 50 ducklings over the lake.

Cizek was so amazed by what he saw that he decided to keep following the mother duck, whom he nicknamed “Momma Merganser,” and her big family. He later realized that there were 76 ducklings in the group. Since a female duck can only incubate 20 ducklings at one time, Momma Merganser probably adopted several groups of ducklings who lost their mother.

Brent Cizek captured several photos of this rare occurrence that you can check out below.

It looks like this Common Merganser adopted a few young ones. đŸ¤¯

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