This Restaurant Gives A Free Book With Each Meal

Image via Traveler Restaurant/Facebook

Traveler Restaurant, which opened in the 1970s, offers each diner a free book from its vast library.

The owner of the small-town Connecticut bistro was a big reader and after his house got filled with books, he decided to give most of them to his customers. When the owners of the restaurant changed in 1993, they continued this generous tradition and even made it bigger.

“We give away 1 to 2 thousand books a week. We have expanded it to three books per person. The books come from many sources. Library book sales are our best but our customers are a very big contributing factor, not a single day goes by that someone doesn’t bring us books. We have given away approximately 2.5 million books since we have been here,” the owner told Bored Panda.

“We have a horse trailer that we pick up books with. Some weeks we can go to 4 different libraries to pick up books. There are about 9 thousand books on our shelves for them to choose from.”