Riverdale Couples Reimagined as Disney Characters

If you are a fan of The CW’s teen drama Riverdale, then you’ll love the latest series of drawings made by André Manguba. This Filipino self-taught artist recently decided to reimagine the couples from Riverdale as Disney couples, and the final result is quite impressive.

For example, Riverdale’s Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones became Tangled’s Rapunzel and Flynn Rider while Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge were reimagined as Hercules and Meg.

“As an avid fan of Riverdale, I wanted to express my appreciation to the cast as well as the fans of the show,” Manguba told E! News. “Aside from this, I wanted to connect and interact with my followers who also watch Riverdale. Majority of them are my age who also have the same interests as I do and as a creator, drawing the cast differently excites me as well as my audience.”

You can check out some of his works below.