Rosi’s Illustrations Are Very Relatable

Illustrator and ceramicist, known simply as Rosi, promotes body positivity through her art. “I cover a lot of topics and themes but generally they’re all centered around women and women’s health,” she told Inky Goodness. “As someone who has struggled with body image and the female body I want to share my experiences and shine a new light on certain topics such as body hair and body image.”

She approaches these topics with sensitivity as well as a healthy dose of humor, making her illustrations all the more relatable. In one illustration the caption reads: “You need to forgive yourself,” while another illustration wishes your day to be filled with chocolate.

Having studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University, Rosi currently runs an illustration business from her home, based in Bristol, as well as working as a graphic designer at a publishing company. “I would love to work solely for myself and be a full-time illustrator and ceramicist,” she admits. “I also hope to have a small studio where I can teach a few workshops.”

In the meanwhile, her fanbase on Instagram keeps growing, attracting more people to her delightful creations. “I think Instagram stories is a great way to communicate with your audience,” she says. “As well as this, it’s great for sharing other people’s work and more personal parts of your day that maybe you don’t want to keep on your feed.”