Sarah Walsh’s Illustrations Are All Smiles

It’s little surprise that Sarah Walsh’s illustrations have an uplifting effect. After 12 years of working in Hallmark Cards as in house designer and illustrator, her artistic creation has a wholesomeness feel to it, without trying too hard.

“It was like going to graduate school,” she told Jama’s Alphabet Soup, describing her time in Hallmark. “You learn sooooo much. The people that work there are from all over the country, even the world and they are some of the nicest, most talented bunch I’ve ever met. I’ve made life long friends with a few. I met my husband at Hallmark while on the kids team and even started an all girl band with my best friends there as well.”

She now works from her studio in Kansas City with her fellow illustrator husband, Colin Walsh, their son, a scrappy pup and chubby cat. 

Check out some of her uplifting illustrations and mantras in the gallery below.

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Wow. The latest collection from @viktorandrolf speaks to me so hard. It’s been a minute since something has struck me with such a visceral chord. I think it’s so genius the idea of the message T mixed with a huge boufy dress. It feels so now. I’ve been such a huge fan of puffy sleeves for so long. I adore designers like @batshevadress and @viktorandrolf because of that. The unapologetic feminine vibe…… not asking permission, over the top and feminine for feminine sake. Not with the end goal to be sexy. Although I find it extremely sexy but not in the most conventional way. I don’t know if it’s my age or what but I feel like lately I just want to say fuck it to everything. And own my shit. Embrace it…I feel like these dresses say that. I was awestruck last night when I saw this collection in my daughter @siichele ‘s IG stories. Although I haven’t done this in a while a lot of my ladies that I draw have puffy sleeves with high neck lines and are definitely influenced by the Victorian area. I thought I could do my own version of this collection with messages that feel personal to me…just for some fun. Also where the hell is the corn dog emoji?? #nyfashionweek #sarahwalshmakesthings #corndog #corndogsleeves #corndogdress #statement #runway #puffysleeves #fashionillustration #owningmyshit #newyorkfashionweek #funfashion #corndognation #corndogqueen #handlettering #illustration #whoruntheworld #victorandrolf

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