Scared Daughter Freezes Up Onstage, Mother Rescues Her In The Most Amazing Way

Photo by Tim Napier on Unsplash

There is a video that’s spreading today about a mother rescuing her daughter during talent show.

Last week, Rhonda Whitney shared the video and it quickly went viral with more than 144k likes. She was at her daughter’s school talent show when she captured a heartwarming incident. A young girl was singing Andra Day’s “Rise Up” and halfway through her performance, overcome with fear, she freezes up and stops singing. The audience also became silent until her mother’s voice rang out, singing aloud where her little girt left off.

“I saw her struggling and getting ready to get frustrated so I just immediately stepped in. From where I was standing it looked like my child was asking for help, but just not verbally. Like at that moment she wanted someone to step in and save her,” mother Shaye Washington said.

When Shaye and her daughter finished the song, the crowd can’t stop cheering and clapping. It was a simple gesture but the love is overflowing. Check out the inspiring video below.