Shreya Gupta Began Drawing As a Way of Documentation

Shreya Gupta discovered drawing by sheer necessity. Growing up in India, she was told she was too young to carry a camera. “So because I couldn’t take pictures, I started drawing the places and things I wanted to remember,” she shared with Inky Goodness. “This is how I was first introduced to art.”

As a child, she was encouraged to study instead of drawing, and so, her artistic journey was a long and meandering road. “In India, art as a profession is not encouraged,” she says. “So fast forward a few years and I found myself finishing an Undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering. Shortly after I got a job as a Networking Engineer in a big IT company in India.” However, after working there for around two and a half years she admits to becoming extremely frustrated. A change needed to take place.

Her creative spirit drove her to the US, where she earned an MFA in Illustration. Now based in New York, she has worked with clients as big as Google, The New York Times, and Penguin Random House India; proving that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

“I think a creative identity evolves as an organic process,” she says. “We are constantly observing and absorbing what we experience and come across, incorporating what we find interesting into our work; and experimenting with what may make our work look more interesting.”

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