Spilled Coffee Transformed Into Amazing Art

Image via bernulia/Instagram

Coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world. We drink it any time of the day and even love to smell its aroma. But this woman takes coffee to another level.

Giulia Bernardelli, better known as Bernulia in her Instagram account, creates amazing artwork with spilled coffee and other leftover foods and liquids. The Washington Post reports that the Italian artist accidentally discovered coffee as a medium for her art when she knocked over a cup of coffee and noticed beautiful shapes came out before her.

According to Bernardelli, she never plans her creations in advance but prefers them to happen by chance. She also doesn’t use brushes to make her incredible food art.

“Everything that I needed was around me if I looked carefully. I decided to replace the paintbrush with what nature offered, such as leaves, fruit skins, food. All these elements feature different colors and textures,” she said.

Take a look at her latest artworks.