Sponges, Pencils and Other Ordinary Materials Turned into Colorful Wall Carpets

Image via rendycemix/Image

Dutch design trio ‘We Make Carpets’ reveal their main body of work in their name. However, the name won’t tell you why their creations are unique. These artists moved away a bit from usual carpet business and are now making colorful wall carpets by mixing ordinary materials like sponges, pencils and laundry clips with traditional patterns.

“While making art, we rely on a hands-on approach—working with the materials that you have in your hands—trying and failing until finally, something beautiful emerges,” said the trio about their work. “We believe the images in your head are more important than the things already known. It is a fantasy that creates, not facts. We hope our arrangements of objects offer new perspectives on modern life.”

You can check out some of their works below.